Ernest (demo)

by Brown Bags

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He never put up a fight and now he's got to pay the price
he's in the state penitentiary doing twenty to life
he knows he dug himself into this hole
but everything will be alright if he just waits for parole
the nights are as empty as the days are long
but he'd be better if he knew what it was he did wrong
unsure if he's guilty but it can't be helped
'cause whatever the reason he knows he brought it all on himself
he finds familiar comfort living in between walls
but a tiny voice keeps whispering this isn't living at all
does the life he's waiting for exist only in dreams
his shoulders sag and he lowers his head and he screams
I won't offer a plea
there's only one way out and I hold the key
got to get off my knees
there's only one way out and I hold the key
lifts his head up from his hands
decides he doesn't want to sit alone in an empty cell
for a crime he didn't commit
inhales deeply and counts to three
rips the bars out from the wall he was out but he wasn't free
you see
the guards were waiting armed with billy clubs and mace
one had a .45 pointed right at his face
but when the dust had settled he was the only one left to stand
the warden stepped out from the shadows and put up his hands
he said I'm sorry we kept you here when you were never at fault
but now that you've done your time we forgive your brazen assault
well our hero's eyes narrowed he felt his heart begin to harden
and when it finally turned to stone he said
I don't need your fucking pardon


released June 18, 2016
Cover photo by Heather Rowland



all rights reserved


Brown Bags Santa Rosa, California


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