Brown Bags

by Brown Bags

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released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Brown Bags Santa Rosa, California


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Track Name: Bless You
you scream and turn blue when you tell me to do not as you do but as you say but that isn’t right you see black and white when all of your life’s engulfed in grey you can keep your dirty looks half-hearted recitations from a moldy book collecting dust upon a shelf saving your love for nobody but yourself a crowd had gathered some million odd people in a race to climb a burning steeple each one hoping to graze a blind man’s toes but when the leaders fall the sheep will follow i had a dream that you were right and one day you bought the farm the pearly gates were lacking luster but still had their charm st. peter scanned the list said you done less good than harm i hope you packed some shorts ‘cause son you’re going somewhere warm you tell yourself i’ll be okay if you just sit back and pray for some god to pull me through so that you don’t have to but if you truly were so wise you’d know you’re only speaking lies ‘cause everyone who tries to get to heaven dies
Track Name: Garmonbozia
shrink from invented illusions and potential abuse trust nothing and trust nobody they say faith keeps men afloat but that is only a ruse for those afraid to be lonely good fortune comes but still i close my eyes denying every connection i will forgive but i won’t soon forget these self-inflicted transgressions digging softly through mounds of blackened ashes seeking silver looking through shit-tinted glasses roll out red carpet for paranoia and bad luck my most constant of companions flash a wide grin and pretend not to give a fuck submerged in gracious libations good fortune comes and tries to light my way but i doubt it’ll do any good for i am still unwilling to believe it’s anything but falsehood
Track Name: Summoner
laid down on the side of the road grip’s slippin and it’s starting to show locked in winter’s stranglehold one hand on my neck and one on my heart but i refuse to succumb to the cold the burden is great but there’s no need to stand all that is required is to hold up the sun in the air with both hands bask in the light and the warmth that it brings band together and summon the spring swim up and away fight to breathe rapid currents pull me beneath thrash for life to sink further instead unable to rise from the riverbed but there’s no need to stand all that is required is to hold up the sun in the air with both hands feel your skin turn gold in its rays band together and banish malaise